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We value our patients' experience at Churchill Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Carl Blackford


All patient testimonials are anonymously written due to HIPPA privacy policy.

  • "Brought my MRI to Dr. Blackford for a second opinion. He recommended a 30 day treatment test to see if I could avoid surgery. My regular doctor told me to avoid surgery too.. Chiropractic plus physical therapy did the trick. Thank you Dr. Blackford"
  • "I was afraid of having my neck adjusted. My daughter told me that Dr. Blackford did traditional adjustments but also used the Activator Method for chickens like me. No twisting, no cracking was necessary to relieve the pinched nerve pain in my neck. When my neck pain subsided my headaches also had stopped."
  • "Since I started coming my headaches are becoming less and less frequent. I feel like a new person every time I visit."
  • "I have been able to play with my kids more and better."
  • "I like to come here because Dr. Blackford has the activator and uses it on me- a great tool. Also very friendly staff!"
  • "I have benefited gratefully from coming to Churchill Chiropractic. I can walk at straight up."
  • "I come to Doctor Blackford because he is a cyclist and so am I!"
  • "Dr. Blackford gives wonderful adjustments."
  • "I received a reflexology treatment from Dawn. She was able to provide insight regarding the part of the feet as they relate to the body."
  • "Dr. Blackford and the entire staff are absolutely wonderful. They sincerely care about all of their patients. All the little extras they do separate them from being an ordinary Chiropractic office but make them that much more extraordinary."
  • "Everyone in this office is great. Very Professional-always on time and very friendly."
  • "Dr. B fixed my neck issues! I have no more headaches!"
  • "I have been coming to Churchill Chiropractic for years.. They are so nice and help me feel better to the point where I can function again!"
  • "Personalized service is what separates this chiropractors office from others. I done need an appoinment-I can just walk-in and thats huge! Also they are reasonably priced for self pay patients."
  • "I began coming to Churchill Chiropractic for treatments of headaches with regular treatment. I am now headache free- a health issue I have dealt with for years. I appreciate the commitment to the whole body with the offer of exercise classes...for free!"
  • "I would absolutely recommend Churchill Chiropractic to friends and family because it is the happiest, most helpful, and health oriented place I know. I always feel better when I am there =)"
  • "Their smiles help in the healing."
  • "The Office has offered two free classes to help us improve our health. The office is very caring and friendly. They are very interested in the whole person."
  • "The reason I keep coming back to Churchill Chiropractic is because I'm able to walk in at anytime and feel welcome. Also, when I am being helped/treated I always feel better each and every time I leave."
  • "I would recommend Churchill Chiropractic to my loved ones because of the good and friendly service with a smile and with time! It Works!"
  • "Churchill Chiro has helped me with my back and knee problems. Ultrasound does wonders for my body, and the employees are pleasant and very helpful."
  • "The staff at Churchill Chiropractic truly are about the whole person! Generosity of spirit is evident in all they do & offer to their patients."
  • "The thing I like most about Churchill Chiropractic is the wonderful staff and the place smells good!"
  • "There is not just one specific experience that I was happy with, but every time I come to Churchill Chiro, I am greeted with a smile and cheerful 'Hi' from each staff member. Churchill Chiro is the best =)!"
  • "We are always pleasantly surprised and satisfied with our visits! I especially enjoy the Tuesday core classes."
  • "My son is a Goalie and his knee's always take a beating. Dr. Blackford works on his knees and keeps him in the net!"
  • "Churchill Chiropractic is a very positive place. They always want to help."


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