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Posted on 12-20-2010

Disc Degeneration: Reversibility is Possible in Spinal Osteoarthritis [3]

O.J. Ressel, B.Se., D.C., ICA Internat Rev Chiro 1989 (Mar); 45 (2): 39-61

This is a must read article for the chiropractic clinician. There are 329 references supporting the author's hypothesis. Dr. Ressel points out that his experience "has shown that most 'adult' problems begin in the early years. In the child, for instance, neuromuscular development represents a critical period of time when the young developing nervous system assimilates, differentiates, and adapts to external and internal signals."

Dr. Ressel brings to focus a whole new area supporting the need for chiropractic care of children. Can you imagine an adult nervous system adapted to abnormal early programming that it considers normal? The abnormally developed neurospinal paradigm becomes dominant in the adaptive abilities of the organism. Certainly, as time goes on, the uncorrected Vertebral Subluxation Complex traumatic residuals collect in the form of spinal degeneration and the lessened ability of the nervous system to process date in a positive constructive manner. Not only does the patient's general health index deteriorate, the Vertebral Subluxation Complex itself becomes much more difficult to correct.

Dr. Ressel continues, "These adaptive responses are remembered, and the young nervous system is conditioned for future response. This process of 'neurological learning' or 'programming' of the central nervous system with respect to locomotion, posture, proprioception, and body kinetics takes place in a few short months."

Yes, the nervous system "learns" that the Vertebral Subluxation Complex is "normal" within a few short months after its first episode and continually learns that the downhill spiral of the neurospinal paradigm is to be considered normal. Dr. Ressel comments, "Parents should be urged to have their children examined at an early age. Once their health status is addressed, it should be enhanced and monitored."

The responsibility for early and ongoing chiropractic care is a heavy burden for the doctor of chiropractic. We see that the only method available for this to be widely accepted by the health care consumer is for an effective, philosophically and scientifically oriented patient education program. "

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